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 The City Strike - Roleplay

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PostSubject: The City Strike - Roleplay   Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:42 pm

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A giant explosion erupted at Monkeys feet. Flying through the air, he lands on his hands, and flips over back to his feet, and starting to sprint again. He jumps off the Mc Donalds, and jumps out of the way as the next rocket exploded the Mc Donalds sign. Quickly recovering, he jumps off the building, past the barbed wire fence, and rolls onto the street pavement, where two lousy African-American Policemen were smoking cigarettes. The two policemen notice him, and pull out pistols, but before they could get a shot at Monkey, he got up and wall-ran, and kicked the gun out of a policeman's hand. He then proceeded to toss the gun away, and kicked the other policeman in the chest, who then fell onto the ground unconscious. By then, the first policeman picked up his gun and started firing, and despite Monkey's quick reflexes, a bullet hit his shoulder. Monkey then proceeded to kick the policeman in the chest, and started running. He quickly past as many corners as possible, and stopped at Krazy Comics, where he opened the STAFF ROOM door, shut it, and, slowly catching his breath, walked downstairs.
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The City Strike - Roleplay
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