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 Pirates of the Cursed Sea

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Spartan #2
Spartan #2

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PostSubject: Pirates of the Cursed Sea   Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:51 pm

In the Caribbean, all was well...
Pirates where thieving, until...
One pirate by the name of Captain Johnathan Creek stole a cursed treasure from it's home on the island of Reino alegre (Jolly's Kingdom)... This caused Jolly Roger to become quite angry. He laid a curse upon the entire Caribbean until his treasure was returned. Later that year, John and his men where killed as his ship sank to Davey Jone's locker.
He obtained the Treasure... But kept it for himself!
Jolly was furious, for they had been former Crew Mates!
Now a crew of skeletons rampage through islands and sea searching for it...

You are an Ex Privateer for the Royal Navy.
You just got out of work, but all you know how to do is Privateer!
You meet a man named Richard "Cotton-Mouth" Jones.
He tells you that you can use your privateering skills to sink and plunder ships!
You believe this is wrong, and where about to report him to the Navy, but then you think of how you have nothing to fall back onto..
You decide to become a Pirate.
You buy a ship and hire a crew, then set sail onto new adventures...


  1. Try to be as descriptive as possible. This will help roleplaying massively. Don't post things like *Pirate waves to Pirate2* This isn't REAL roleplaying... Try to use nice vocabulary, but try to keep it like that of the mid 1800's.
  2. Spellchecking is nice...
  3. One character per person.
  4. No God-Modes. Minor god moding is tolerated... But you can't have "A magical sword that kills anything in one jab".
  5. Once you die, you have the option to make a new character, or quit.
  6. No controlling others. You may idle them, For instance, if a skeleton army of Jolly Roger comes charging in, and you'd assume they'd run, you may say something like *runs with Pirate 3*... but no making major decisions for them. (Of course, that example breaks rule 1)
  7. All forum rules apply
  8. If you wish to talk out of character, use (OOC)(/OOC) so all the others know it's not your character.
Boat Types
Sloop - Fast but underpowered ship, given to all beginners.
Schooner - Fast and moderate fire power.
Galleon - Great defenses, moderate firepower, but slow.
Frigate - A war class ship. Fast and a lot of firepower, but low armour.
Ship-Of-The-Line - Most firepower, defenses, and speed. Given to the best of captains.

Everyone starts out with a sloop. No matter what.
After a while, an NPC will give you a better ship.
(All NPC characters that give MAJOR items, such as a ship, are controlled by me and other admins.)

Gun Types
Pistol - Moderate reload speed, medium range.
Blunderbuss - Shoots many bullets, long reload time, short range.
Musket - Moderate reload speed, long range. (ONLY usable at long/medium range)
Musket w/ Bayonet - Moderate reload speed, long range. (ONLY shootable at long/medium range, if used at short range, you stab with the Bayonet)

Sword Types
Cutlass - Used for "dirty" fighting.
Sabre - Used for "florentine". Fast attacking speed.
Broadsword - Used for combat when you are surrounded.
Dagger - Used for short range combat.
Throwing Dagger - As the name implies.

Pet Types
Monkey - Can be tamed to use a Dagger or Pistol.
Parrot - Can be tamed to bring a dagger.
Iguana - -None At the Moment-
Dog - Can be tamed to bring a Dagger, Pistol, or Sabre.

Royal Navy
French Privateer
Spanish Privateer

Character Sheet Template

Ship Name:
Ship Type: Sloop
Pet Name:
Pet Type:
Sword Type:
Gun Type:
Secondary Weapon: Grenado;

(Please Leave "Granado;" as a secondary weapon, and add your second after it)
(Grenado's are the grenades of pirate times, only using a fuse)
(Pets are not required, but can be obtained later)
(After you obtain a new ship, edit your sheet using the edit button)
(After any update to your character sheet, use the edit button to change it.)
(If your character dies, add the phrase "dead" to your player card.)

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Spartan #2
Spartan #2

Posts : 154
Join date : 2010-05-19
Age : 22
Location : Minecrafting

PostSubject: Re: Pirates of the Cursed Sea   Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:01 am

Name: (Captain) Hector Burke
Age: 32
Ship Name: The "Sharkfin"
Ship Type: Sloop
Pet Name: Jimmie
Pet Type: Monkey
Sword Type: Cutlass
Gun Type: Flintlock Pistol
Secondary Weapon: Grenado; Dagger
Appearance: -To Come-
Bio: Hector was 14 when he first set sail with his father, Timothy Burke. His father was a British Privateer in the Royal Navy, and told him never to become a pirate. He disobeyed his orders completely... After his father's death, he joined the British Navy. He served until he was 22, then he became a pirate for he had nothing else to do. He joined the Pirate Legion of the "Brethren of Bounty". He made it to the high rank of "Lord". Then when the leader died, he became his replacement. He now resides as the Pirate Lord of the Brethren of Bounty.
Alignment: Pirates (Brethren of Bounty)
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Pirates of the Cursed Sea
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